The Incident at my Apartment

The Walk

 Willow stared at the computer screen. Just as she had done for the past 20 minutes. She couldn’t think of how to finish this story. So, she decided to go on a walk.

 On that nice evening, crickets burred off and dogs yapped in the distance. The moon in it’s crescent shape illuminated the outside of her apartment building. She could hear faint voices through the walls. People with goals and futures were discussing what to do next. Willow would like to know how that felt.

 There was a bench facing a steep overhang and sitting there was a young guy. Willow wondered what the guy was doing out here so late… but then realized he could ask her the same thing. And he did.

 “Oh fuck, you scared me! What’re you doing out here so late?”, said the man

 Willow apologized many times and responded finally.

 “I needed some fresh air. I couldn’t think straight.”

 “I guess that makes two of us. Do you live here? I haven’t seen you around before”

 “Yeahh, I really don’t get out much. I got my sleep schedule fucked up. So, I only go out at night time really”

 “Heh, work the night shift?”

 “No… I am not currently employed”, Willow said with a slight whimper she tried to hide

 “Oh… That could be it too… But hey, I bet you something good is gonna come around!”

 The young man looked down at his wrist. “It’s getting pretty late now. So I think I’m gonna head back in. I hope you figure out how you want that story to end.” He then gave a wide smile.

 “Thanks dude, I’m sure it’ll come to me in no time”

 The young man left.

 Willow froze in fear. How did he know about the story…

The Return

 After a hasty return back to her room, Willow discovered her apartment door open. This is strange cause SHE DID NOT LEAVE IT OPEN. Willow left her phone in her room so calling the cops was not an option. She also didn’t want the police to find her stash. So, it was up to her…

 Willow crept through the first of 3 possible rooms, checking every corner for the creep. The living room/kitchen/ dining room was clear. Nothing to be found…

 Next was the bathroom. As Willow slammed the door open she saw someone… It turned out to be her reflection in the nasty ass mirror. The shower curtain was closed though.

 She grabbed at one end of the curtain and swung it open. Revealing nothing. He was not in the bathroom.

 So that left the bedroom. There’s something different about suspecting someone to be somewhere, but to know that there definitely is someone behind a door. So, Willow hesitated for a bit. Contemplating what could happen.

  • He could have a gun and she could die instantly or bleed out
  • He could have a sharp instrument(knife)
  • He could be a wizard(unlikely but very real possibility)
  • He could be behind her right now poised to strangle her(he was not, but he could of been extra sneaky)
  • And finally, it was all in her head
  •  After thinking over the possibilities, Willow swung open the door and what she saw shocked her beyond belief. She didn’t see anything out of the ordinary. So, she paced around the room. Everything looked fine!

     *Cough* *Cough*

     Willow turned around and saw the shoes of a man behind a curtain!

     “What the fuck!?!?! You’re dead, you creep.”

     Willow pulled out her college softball bat and ran swinging. She Hit the window and shattered it. She pulled back the curtain and realized it was just a pair of men’s shoes.

     That motherfucker was a trained ventriloquist and that is the reason I broke the window. It was self defence. That bastard got away, but I think I scared him enough that he’ll never show up again!

     -Willow Wood. Ps. Please do not evict me. I will pay for the window.