Class S Personal - Veril. Operative who has successfully captured 5 other specimen for the O.K. And located 20 others. He is a seasoned agent who has worked for us for over 30 years.


Retrieve the Infinite Mirror.


 Upon entering the temple, Veril came into contact with spirits detailed in earlier reports. They are small green extra-normal creatures that are deadly to the touch. We have codenamed the green creatures "heart-spirits" because of a discovery detailed later in this report. These creatures are usually near the mirror at the lowest level of the temple, but given the time, it is likely that they would wander towards to the surface.

 As Veril descended, he noted the tapestries adorning the walls. It has been a fascination to us at the O.K. who this figure is, but no historical documents exist to explain what we have codenamed "Moon Goddess".

 Veril notes here that the chamber that houses the Infinite-Mirror smelled of stagnant air. Despite depictions of the mirror beings massive. It only measured only one and 2/3rd meters tall. Such exaggeration is normal for such an ancient artifact. Upon removal from the wall, they heard a gasp from within the mirror. This is the "Man in the Mirror" that fascinates us.

 On the return trip, he noticed a scroll that was overlooked on previous visits. It detailed the process of the "heart-spirits" "leaking" out of the mirror and gaining form. It seems to be a byproduct of purified soul essence gaining sentience. This wondrous discovery points to an origin of life and hint to the function of the Infinite-Mirror.

**We pay Veril the big bucks because of actions like this. Junior staff could learn a thing or two.**

 He did not encounter any trouble on the way out and we had the Infinite-Mirror flown to the O.K. headquarters, where the mage division studies the artifact.

**I have filed this report into our database of extra-normal items.**