Class C Personnel - Name unimportant. A low-ranking member of the archaeology department.


 Find a way to the Black-Rainbows.


 Upon our Class C Operative getting through the barrier, she appears to be possessed by the Black-Rainbows. We now know that Black-Rainbows a creature of some extra-normal sense that harbors itself into other creatures. They disposed of the Class C Operative, and they dispatched a care package to her next of kin as protocol.

 O.K. is very fortunate to have caught the creature before it spread within the company. I believe going forward we should have better quarantine procedures, because the only way we caught the possession was the hollow grey in her eyes. If such a symptom did not manifest, we surely would have unleased a world ending event.

**I have passed this on to the executives**

 Cleanup has concluded the final disposal of the Black-Rainbows. We have an inert sample from the expedition. It does not have a touch to it per se, but you can feel an intense pressure when intersecting the sample. We had the mages come up with some practical way of transporting it, and they did with expediency.

**Accolades forwarded to the mage department. They were very appreciative**

 The demolition department destroyed the location with no harm to locals. Atum's local government was not happy with the cover story of an anti-religious terrorist attack, but for the scale of destruction, the cover-up team could not come up with no better alternatives. They can suck it for all I care.

**I left this in the report, but please do not share personal perspectives in the future.**

In closing, I see this excursion to be a total success.

**I have filed this report into our database of extra-normal creatures.**