☆[H E X E D] [C Y A N A]☆





Omen Kartographer

 You play as an Unnamed O.K. Agent(Omen Kartographer) who is tasked with getting relic keys to discover what the almost lost to time Black-Rainbows are. With little guidance and some O.K. Tool Dispensal Units, she uncovers a lost a mystery lost to modern thought.


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Infinite Mirror

 A puzzle/platformer about memorization. Collect 'bits' that slowly shrink your vision and navigate to the exit.

 Carmen is struck with a unending sadness. Tales of the Infinite Mirror and it's healing magic grace her ear, and she decides to find out for herself if the rumors are true.

 *30+ Levels
 *cute Pixel Art
 *extra content not available in the original game jam version.


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Infinite Mirror - Game Jam

 In The Infinite Mirror, you play as Carmen as she searches for the Infinite Mirror. It's a simple platformer where you must collect hearts, but the more you collect, the less you can see. You must trust your memory to get you back to the start of the level. This game was made for the Brackeys Game Jam #2.


The Incident at my Apartment

 A short story about Willow and her little incident in the Apartment


Short Stories

 City of Dreams


 Three Old Men



 A comic I made with a friend. Lots of fond memories when we worked on it. Sadly it is unfinished, but whats there is something I'm really proud of