Willow's Nightmare

 Willow finds herself being transported to this strange place most every night. What is this place? Why do they stare so intently?

 Somehow her body has been entangled with a place beyond the physical plane, The Void. Hopefully she doesn't bring anything back with her when she wakes.

Void Call

 A Short story about Shrapnel dealing with the 'Lost Ones'.



 After her explosive battle with Vamp. She is given a shirt by the police. It's the only one they had...

 Shrapnel is back at work now! She is a little self-conscious about not having eyebrows. So, she tapes on false eyebrows while hers regrow. They seem to come off in the heat of battle.

 (A Vinewomp was found in the swamps outside Capstone City. A old witch paid a good price to have it exterminated)

 Shrapnel has a idea on how to improve business!

 Freedom. After Vamp's death, she is free to do as she pleases(outside sunlight).

 This thrall could of looked like anyone. Vamp's magic compressed and warped whoever she was into a goofy little goon. It was a quite painful experience having all your bones and flesh formed into this form.

 But that's in the past now, she has a new life to live.


 A comic about Shrapnel in her quest for revenge against the evil Vamp!



Infinite Mirror- O.K. Report

[READ THE O.K. Report]

Black Rainbows - O.K. Report

[READ THE O.K. Report]

Omen Kartographer

 You play as an Unnamed O.K. Agent(Omen Kartographer) who is tasked with getting relic keys to discover what the almost lost to time Black-Rainbows are. With little guidance and some O.K. Tool Dispensal Units, she uncovers a lost a mystery lost to modern thought.


Infinite Mirror

 A puzzle/platformer about memorization. Collect 'bits' that slowly shrink your vision and navigate to the exit.

 Carmen is struck with a unending sadness. Tales of the Infinite Mirror and it's healing magic grace her ear, and she decides to find out for herself if the rumors are true.

 *30+ Levels
 *cute Pixel Art
 *extra content not available in the original game jam version.



The Incident at my Apartment

 A short story about Willow and her little incident in the Apartment


Short Stories

 City of Dreams


 Three Old Men



 A comic I made with a friend. Lots of fond memories when we worked on it. Sadly it is unfinished, but whats there is something I'm really proud of